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Lexus is synonymous with luxury and efficiency. As such, most car enthusiasts dream of owning at least one model in the Lexus series. With a series of improvements, here are some top Lexus models to look at from Lexus dealers Chicago. With a good dealer, you also stand a chance of have some discounted rates.

2016 Lexus RC F – Sport Coupe

It is considered as the most luxurious car of Lexus. It’s not only the next expression lexus logo
of Lexus’s dominant performance, but an unprecedented feat regarding performance engineering that was ever forged was Lexus. It is powered by a mighty 5.0 liter V8 engine that has an impressive 467 horsepower naturally. This beast can easily reach 0 to 60 miles per hour in as less as 4.4 seconds of time. This beauty is developed to satisfy the demand of driving enthusiasts.

Lexus CT – Luxury Hybrid

It is considered as one of the top Lexus cars of 2016. This beast moves boldly and elegantly at the same time like no crossover ever does. This version is as efficient as it is , the voguish. It packs a 33 MPG rating and a classic innovative sporty damping control system for an exceptional riding comfort and it also packs a premium Triple –Beam headlights to provide best of the best. Its engine delivers a stunning 194 horsepower which revs the driving force from 0 to 60 miles in just 9.1 seconds.

2016 Lexus IS 300 F Sport

This Lexus car offers an ultimate performance with powerful exclusive upgrades that includes an Adaptive Variable Suspension, Sports S+ driving mode and a variable Gear-Ratio Steering. All new IS 300 has an all-wheel drive which helps provide enhanced control and traction. It has a sport-direct speed transmission of eight-speed type. The drive mode packed in the Lexus IS makes it more responsive and efficient while driving.

2016 Lexus RC 200t Coupe

lexus tail lightLexus RC 200t is a luxury sports coupe of Lexus. The 2016 model adds two new power-trains and exceeding the horsepower to 255 with an all new 2liter V6 engine. It has an exceptionally stiff chassis which upgrades the Lexus's reputation and excellence in manufacturing premium cars. It is packed with the latest technology and classic Lexus interiors. The automobile company, Lexus, admits the sedan to be one of the best handling Lexus ever produced.

2016 Lexus RX – Luxury Crossover

All new Lexus RX comes with a chiseled body and brings striking style into a sharp focus. This Crossover is powered by a smooth 3.5L V6 engine, which produces 295 horsepower. This engine revs the SUV from 60 miles per hour in just 8 seconds, despite being 28 mpg rated on the highway. The SUV packs all-weather drive system with Active Torque Control. This car is redesigned from inside and out which exudes untamed elegance.