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Just like any other type of vehicle, it is important to maintain your BMW. Keeping your BMW will help you save lots of cash that will arise from abrupt breakdowns. The way a vehicle is maintained and driven every day will determine how long it will be used on the roads. Having regular maintenance will cushion the car owner from the expensive repairs and even accidents. 3 Series from Big Motoring World has some of the best BMW vehicles. Let us look into some of the things that we should do to the BMW to ensure that when driven they are safe;

Preventive maintenance


Firstly, ensure that you have a preventive maintenance schedule for your BMW. Make sure that you stick to the dates and the event you are not able to take your BMW to the garage for maintenance then call your service provider to reschedule it for you. During the routine preventive maintenance, the filters and fluids will be checked and changed. These vehicles have the internal notification system which reminds the driver of this critical exercise. They will ensure that you drive a BMW with a clean filter and oil by regularly changing the same. Whenever you are notified via the light on the dash of your vehicle to take your car for maintenance, kindly heed this call and do so. This will lengthen the lifespan of your BMW.

Fuel tank

Always ensure that the fuel tank of your BMW is topped up. Do not wait until your fuel tank is empty for you to fill it up. Always drive to the fuel station when your fuel tank is a quarter way. It is important to note that over time, debris and particles will build up in your tank. They usually become more concentrated as the level of fuel in the tank runs low. When your tank is empty the debris, and the particles are typically more concentrated which lead to the contamination of the fuel. If you make this a routine, you will end up needing to replace the filter much sooner than expected.

The tires

white bmw car

You should also check the tires of your BMW regularly. The tires have to be in perfect shape, be the right pressure, and the right threading. The tires are essential in any vehicle because they are the part of the vehicle that makes contact with the road. The tires have to have threads for it to make good contact with the road. Regularly change your tires especially those with no threads.

The LED technology has been embraced all over the world due to its economical use of power, better performance as well as durability. With this dawn in the lighting sector, the car lighting tech has also embraced technology with both hands. While the new release models are coming with the LED lights replacing the old designs, the old models may only have one choice which is to replace the headlights with LED. One can buy LED headlights to enjoy reliable and affordable products. The head lights are equally good especially when fit well by an expert mechanic. So, where can we buy these headlights? Follow this article to find out.

Different places to buy LED lights for cars

Local car spare parts store

There is nowhere more convenient thancar spare parts store the local vehicle spare parts store. Such a store will offer a variety of headlights for buyers to choose. One may get spoilt for choices when it comes to selecting LED headlights. Most of the times the type of a car will dictate what kind of a head light to buy.

The trucks have their categories while other cars have their categories. It is also possible for manufacturers to make head lights for specific models. Therefore, one ought to be careful when buying and must read the instructions well.

Online shops

Upon checking vehicle spare parts adverts well, one will realize that every advertiser will have a website that is very active. Such websites offer a great portal opportunity to reach customers seeking for various vehicle spare parts. The websites are great shops as one can compare prices and quality offered by different vendors at the convenient of their mouse click. Most vendors offer free delivery to client’s destinations. While using this option, be careful with scammers and counterfeit products.

Manufacturers authorized dealers

Either manufacturer of the vehicle or the LED headlight can offer great solutions to the customers. Some use authorized dealer’s physical outlets, or they can use direct websites. With the websites, the customers can get to choose depending on the model of the vehicle hence more accurate product. Once they buy, the product is shipped to the nearest authorized dealer for pick up. One more benefit of this kind of purchase is the advisory and guarantee that the item is legitimate.

From a car auction shop

car auctionAuctioneers, however, sell second-hand LED light but at a very low price. Therefore visiting them once in a while can land you an excellent quality LED head light for your car. The auctioneers that deal with reputable companies and government vehicles are usually the best as such institutions buy original products in the first place.


When contemplating whether to sell your junk car or not, one thing you should consider is whether it has been costing you more to fix it than its actual worth. If this is the case, then it’s time to call in a removal company to remove any old cars and turn that unwanted junk car into cash today.

So how do you know if your car’s already junk or not?

Presence of Rust

Rust can spread easy and fast in an old car. It’s one of the hardest things to fix. Rust on the car’s engine and other areas such as under the bonnet may cause you to regularly get some major work done. And it’s costly. So if you notice signs of rust and flaking on the car’s body or frame, it’s a sign you call a removal company.

Presence of Leaks on the head gasket

old junky carIt’s best to sell your old car to a removal company if you notice a dirty or brown coolant fluid which is a sign that your car’s engine has issues. Getting your car to recover from head gasket leaks and failures can be very expensive.

Problems in transmission

When your old automatic car starts to have transmission leaks, then it’s time to start thinking of junking it. You will know if a leak has occurred if when you check the transmission levels using a dipstick, you will notice that it is always low.

Problems with the Brake

If the abovementioned problems occur in your old car together with brake problems, you should really consider calling a removal company. Even if there are still things you can for restoration, it can be such a waste of money if your car is too old.

Extreme Noise

Strange noises in your old car may mean that there’s a problem with your car’s transmission or if it always happens when shifting gears, then your car is really having a major problem. This is the time you should consider junking your old car.

cashAre you having a headache with your old junky car? Call a removal company. Setting up an appointment with a junk removal company is the best solution to salvage your old car. It doesn’t only save up space in your home; you also get extra cash out of it. There are many junk car removal businesses that offer not only cash in exchange for your old car, but also offer up free towing services.